About the Ball

Every year since 1998, the Idaho parents’ clubs for all five United States service academies have come together to host the All Service Academy Ball. This formal event brings together our midshipmen, cadets, and their families, along with alumni, special guests, and friends for an evening of great food, music, inspiration and an opportunity to share our Academy experiences.

The All Service Academy Ball is perpetuated by the success of our silent auction, as well as donations and sponsorships. In an effort to make the event affordable for our guests, we keep ticket prices low and rely on these funds to cover the expenses. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, it is our mission to support the parent clubs who provide care packages and other club activities for our cadets, midshipmen and their families. We also support military-related organizations, such as Mission43 and the Wyakin Foundation, to name a few.

Neither the Department of Defense nor any of its components endorse the Idaho Association of Service Academy Parents, Inc. or the All-Service Academy Ball.